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Lochgilphead Joint Campus
Welcome to Lochgilphead Joint Campus

The campus opened in October 2007 and provides education in a fantastic environment for pupils in mid-Argyll between the ages of 3 – 18. 


Curriculum - Personalisation And Choice

The last few weeks have been hectic with pupils in S2, S3, S4 and S5 making choices about the subjects they will study next session. All pupils will have an individual interview with their Guidance teacher to help them make appropriate decisions. There have also been information evenings for parents and a number of course choice booklets with detailed course specifications to guide final choices. All of the material – including presentations delivered at information evenings – can be accessed through the links below.

icon S3 Choice Booklet (869.54 kB)

icon Cfe Information For Parents (258.55 kB)

icon Moving Into S5 (155.97 kB)






Lochgilphead Joint Campus Joins BBC News School Report

Next week, Lochgilphead Joint Campus will be joining over 500 other secondary schools from across Great Britain in participating in the BBC’s School Report project. Pupils in S3 will be creating a news bulletin that presents issues of current interest to school pupils and adults alike, which will be uploaded onto this website by 4.00 p.m. on Thursday March 27th. The process of news gathering, editing and presenting gives pupils an insight into the roles of journalists in broadcast media and the way in which language can be manipulated in order to shape understanding is an important feature in their study of English and History. Iona and Orin, pictured below, will anchor the bulletin and link to stories crafted by sixteen of their class mates. I do hope that you will use the following link to see what they produce on the day.

Click here for news report


SQA results 2013

High School students sustain success in SQA exams

Lochgilphead High School students have once again achieved excellent results in the diet of SQA examinations.  S4 pupils - the last to sit Standard Grades - have maintained a high standard of performance and S5 students have achieved impressive results at Higher and Intermediate levels.  Our S6 students' overall attainment was outstanding, with very high quality passes at Advanced Higher and Higher, adding value to their previous achievements.  The results are a credit to the pupils, the teachers and support staff and to our supportive parents.

Pupil Planner

High School pupils receive a 'Pupil Planner' each year. The planners are issued to all four Clans and each Clan has it's very own 'Cover Design'. This coming August is no exception and S1 pupils were challenged to come up with a 'Cover design' during their art classes.The winners are shown below. Their 'Draft Desings' can be seen in the 'Photo Gallery' or by clicking here...

Pupil Planners are used to record homework BUT...they are much more than 'Just a homework diary'.

They are designed to help pupils Plan, Manage, Record, Review and Set Targets. There are also sections to record a pupil's timetable, teachers, important dates in monthly calendars, activities & interests in and out of school, telephone numbers and personal information. The planner also lists details of the 'School Campus Code of Conduct', 'The School Day', 'The School Year', a list of people who can be contacted for help and guidance, 'Expectations; Attendance, Timekeeping and equipment, Homework, Uniform, Behaviour, General Rules, Code of Conduct and Around the School' along with Hints & Tips on Mind Maps, Maths, English, Science, Geography, Modern Languages, Healthy Living & Lifestyle, Cyber Awareness and Useful Websites.


Campus Newsletter Spring 2014


Our Spring Newsletter is now available via the link below

icon March 2014 Newsletter (2.1 MB)






Standards and Quality Report

Standards and Quality Report and Campus Improvement Plan 2013

Our Standards and Quality Report, which summarises the progress and achievements of the pupils last session, is now available. 

Appended to the report is the Campus Improvement Plan, which sets out our development priorities for next session. 

Click on the file below to view...

icon S&Q 2013 - 14

Campus Eco Schools Success

The Campus Eco Schools Committee have joined the Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS) Campaign for School Gardening and are reaping the benefits by reaching Level 3 of the organisations Benchmarking Scheme. This was achieved by providing evidence of pupil's classwork, putting a holiday maintenance scheme in place for the campus garden, growing a range of plants (see table by clicking here), adopting sustainable gardening practices, using appropriate signs and labels for seedlings & plants in the campus garden and finally showing the pupils in action using all of their gardening skills.

All of the evidence was submitted to the RHS and the campus was rewarded by receiving a 'Large Vegetable Garden' pack which they will receive in September. The pack will include baby plants such as; Rocket, Mixed Lettuce, French Green Beans, Runner Beans, Beetroot Peas, Courgettes to name but a few. These will be grown and supplied to the Campus Kitchen, Home Economics Department and the Additional Support Needs Lifeskills Kitchen.

There are five levels in all so the campus is well on their way to completing all benchmarking requirements.

 RHS Campaign for School Gardening - Level 3 Certificate



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